Konstrundan is just around the corner!

24.08.2022 hrs 09:00
Konstrundan is an annual event that will be held for the 15th time in Finland this year! During the weekend of 3-4 September, around 450 artists, artisans, and designers from all over the country will open the doors to their workspaces.

Konstrundan 3-4.9.2022

Just around the corner, on the first weekend in september the doors the studios will open to the public! You can find out more about the participants on www.konstrunda.fi/studios. It is also worth following Konstrundan on Facebook and Instagram, where we continuously publish various collage posts with works by the participants. The collages give a very good idea of the diversity of what you can see during the event. 

The aim of Konstrundan is to increase understanding of contemporary domestic art, crafts and design. Konstrundan supports participants in their professional practice by offering new customer contacts and networks. This is particularly important at a time when business is affected by an increasingly changing world situation.

 "Right now, art and meetings between different people is important!" says Martina Lindberg, project manager for Konstrundan. "The pandemic has eased, but dark clouds still shadow everyday life - art can be a way to get something else to think about or express feelings." 

Win experiences in the Konstrundan raffle 

To celebrate 15 years of Konstrundan, this year we are organizing an Art Raffle in which we will be raffling off eight experiences by Konstrundan participants. For example, a workshop in visual arts or ceramics, or a photo session. The raffle is free of charge for visitors and at each visit point you can fill in a raffle ticket. The prizes are presented at each visit point as well as on the web. The winners will be drawn and published on the website in October.

Webinar for arts and culture stakeholders!

On Friday 2 September, a webinar will be held with the theme How to survive as an artist today?  in cooperation with the Foundation for the Nordic School of Art and Novia. It is also possible to participate in the webinar on site in Jakobstad.  

Art Friday

On Art Friday 2.9, the Konstrundan will once again launch a film with inspiring art assignments, this time by artist Anna Semerdjiev. The assignments are designed for all primary school children, but of course anyone interested can participate. This year the film is produced in Swedish, Finnish, and English. 

To reach out to older children, we offer the opportunity for school and student groups to visit studios during Art Friday. A lot of participants are willing to welcome groups. Invitations to book group visits have also been sent to associations, companies, etc. 

The list of participants welcome groups on Friday 2 September is available on our website. Groups that are interested should contact the artist themselves and book their visit. 

As a novelty this year we can present the Konstrundan Bingo!

Go to www.konstrundan.fi/art_friday and you will find our bingo form. It is possible to play during the visits to the different participants, who will be the first to get bingo?


Konstrundan regional contacts 2022


Project manager

and regional contact for Turku region, Satakunta, Tampere region and Central Finland
Martina Lindberg, 044 9770 773, konstrundan.aboland@gmail.com 



and regional contact for Kymenlaakso, South Karelia & County of Eastern Finland
Veronica Svenskberg, konstrundan.info@gmail.com

Regional contacts:

Eastern Uusimaa & Päijänne Tavastia
Leena Stolzmann, leena.stolzmann@gmail.com

Helsinki region
Ida Taavitsainen, konstrundan.helsingfors@gmail.com

Western Uusimaa & Southwest Häme
Jani A. Purhonen, konstrundan.vastranyland@gmail.com

The Åland Islands
Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnroth, konstrundan.aland@gmail.com

Nicole Hjelt, konstrundan.osterbotten@gmail.com

Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland
Ami Avellán, konstrundan.norrafinland@gmail.com


Participants for the 16th Konstrundan have been chosen

Konstrundan is an established event organised annually in Finland since 2008. During Konstrundan, professional artists, artists and designers open their studios and workshops to the public.
27.03.2023 hrs 16:28


The first weekend in September Konstrundan was organized in Finland for the fifteenth time. Close to 440 artists, artisans and designers opened their doors to the public and invited visitors to talks and discussions, work demonstrations and energizing experiences. In total, they were visited by over 28,000 curious art lovers.
11.10.2022 hrs 11:24

The Åland Islands has a new regional contact

This fall we welcome Therese Hjälmarstrand as our new regional contact to the Åland Islands. She takes over from Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnroth.
11.10.2022 hrs 09:00

The webinar recordings

Did you miss the webinar 2.9.2022. Now you can take part in the event through the recordings.
21.09.2022 hrs 19:42

Art Friday: Can you paint with coffee and berries?

You'll get the answer on Art Friday 2.9, when visual artist Anna Semerdjiev shows you how it's done!
26.08.2022 hrs 15:18
Human figure surrounded by nature and art elements, Konstrundan 2022


There are not many obvious " job openings" for artists to apply for despite a solid professional education in the art field. Own initiative and creativity are the hallmarks of the working artist. The question is how this is perceived by the individual artist.
24.08.2022 hrs 15:04

KONSTRUNDAN 2022 – a great mix of creativity and knowledge

During the first weekend in September, Sat–Sun 3–4.9.2022, you can visit 450 professional artists, craftsmen and designers across the country and get an insight into their work. The visiting points are open from 11am to 5pm both days.
21.06.2022 hrs 22:07
Konstrundan banner 2022, black and white illustration with human and animal figures

Participants for the 15th Konstrundan have been chosen

Konstrundan is an established event, which has been organized annually in Finland since 2008. During Konstrundan, professional artists, artisans and designers open their studios and workshops to the public. This year almost 450 creators participate in the event.
01.04.2022 hrs 12:17

Konstrundan fundraiser for the Red Cross

We have started a fundraiser via Red Cross, the money donated to the fundraiser goes to the Disaster relief rund.
09.03.2022 hrs 19:37