Welcome to Konstrundan! On this page, you will find relevant information about the application, the event, and marketing materials.

The 2024 application period is

Konstrundan 2024 takes place

Application 2024

The application is a presentation of you and your work, with basic information about you, your studio, your artwork, what you want to offer visitors during Konstrundan, and pictures of your art. If you have all the material at hand, it won't take long to fill in!

The application is read by the jury, but the information you filled in will also be added to your profile on the Konstrundan website, as well as appear in the Konstrundan magazine, so make sure everything is correct!

We will upload a sample application and sample profile to this page closer to the application deadline.

In the application form, you are also asked to pay the participation fee which in 2024 is 20€.

Who can apply

All professional artists, craftsmen, and designers in Finland. A professional here means an active and working actor who has adequate education and/or work experience. You can read the selection criteria here

As of 2024, artist residencies can also apply as separate entities.

Do I have to have a workspace to participate?

Konstrundan aims to create encounters between the creative actor and the visitor and to give a picture of how the actor works. The meeting can take place in a workspace, in your home, or a completely different space, such as a public space.


This page will be updated along the way, so check back in. Meanwhile, for answers to any questions at this stage, check out our FAQ for participants and visitors, About Konstrundan or you can contact us directly!



In the participants guide you will find important information about participating in Konstrundan 2023. Please find the downloadable file here [PDF]

Contens in the guide

    • Marketing 
    • Info meetings in June 
  • DURING THE EVENT, Sat–Sun 2–3.9.2023
  • ART FRIDAY 1.9.2023
    • Visits by pre-booked groups 
    • Konstrundan’s regional contacts 

Information letters

1.6.2023 - Konstrundan information [PDF]
23.3.2023 - Press Release [PDF]
17.1.2023 - Konstrundan info and application [PDF]




This space will be updated with the digital and physical material available to you as a participant in Konstrundan 2024.

Digital materials include:

  • Konstrundan logo
  • This year's illustration by Amanda Valkonen and associated PNG vignettes
  • Facebook banners
  • Instagram posts

As a Konstrundan participant, you will also receive marketing material to distribute in your neighbourhood.

This includes:

  • Poster A4 6pcs
  • Poster A3 4pcs
  • Poster A2 2pcs 
  • Lottery poster 1
  • Postcards 25
  • Konstrundan magazines 10
  • Outdoor signs (2 for new participants)
  • Canvas tote bag 1 

These are distributed at information meetings nationwide in June or can be picked up during the summer months.


Konstrundan’s logo black: Print [PDF], Web [JPG]


Is participation free?
All applicants pay an application fee of EUR 20. With the fee a part of the administative costs is covered.

When can I apply?
The application period is in January-February, approximately 20 Jan. - 20 Feb. Dates may change a bit from year to year.

Who is entitled to take part in Konstrundan?
Any professional artist, craftsperson or designer within Finland. By professional, we mean an active practitioner who has either adequate education or / and the working experience to call themselves a professional. You can read the application criteras here

Do I need a studio to take part?
The goal of Konstrundan is to enable encounters between the creative practitioner and the visitor to portray the working environment of the practitioner. This encounter can take place in an atelier, in the practitioner's home or somewhere completely else, such as in the public space.

When does the next Konstrundan take place? 
In 2023, Konstrundan will be organised over the first weekend of September, 2-3 Sept., 2023.

From whom does Konstrundan receive funding?
As of today, Konstrundan has relied mostly on support from finnish-swedish foundations. In the future, we are looking to involve also finnish foundations. Further we also hope to sell more advertisments, gain sponsors and we are looking into the possibility of founding an own supporting organisation for Konstrundan.

Who is in the jury?
The jury, consisting of representatives in respective fields of arts, crafts and design, processes each application and evaluates it in the context of the application criterias. In order for the jury to function independently, it remains anonymous.

Where do the lottery prizes come from?
Konstrundan chooses the prizes from different regions of the country.