Who can participate in Konstrundan 2024      

Konstrundan in Finland has been arranged annually since 2008. During Konstrundan artists, designers and artisans open their studios to the general public. Being part of Konstrundan gives positive visibility and an opportunity for new potential customers as well as many interesting conversations with visitors. In 2022, we had around 450500 participants and more than 28 000 visitors during the weekend of Konstrundan.

The aim of Konstrundan is to invite the general public to visit a wide selection of creative and exciting visiting points throughout Finland. Professionally active artists, artisans and designers are invited to apply. This year artist residencies are also welcome to apply as their own entity.

This year Konstrundan will take place Sat-Sun 7-8.9.2024. We hope that you will submit your application and we would also like you to spread the word and encourage other artists in your networks to apply to be part of Konstrundan 2023! 

The application is closed.

The criteria for an accepted application are that you are a professional artist, artisan or designer.

Professional is here defined as:

  • applicant has adequate education in his/her specific field or has experience corresponding to relevant education, and/or that
  • the applicant is active in his/her field of work, for example as a full-time or part-time entrepreneur.  "Active" means that the applicant is continuously selling their art/products, and being featured in exhibitions and similar events.

For artist residencies:

  • in 2024, artist residencies can apply to Konstrundan as their own entities
  • the application is filled in with the residency's information 
  • artist residencies can apply to Konstrundan even before the artists have been selected for September (the month of Konstrundan)

The jury’s assessment criteria are based on the following:

  • submitted application clearly states how the applicant will present his/her work, including the creative process in the studio for visitors to see
  • visual material
  • curriculum vitae 
  • education, experience and professional activities

One of Konstrundan’s goals is to strengthen opportunities for creative professionals to make a living from their work. Therefore, quality and continuity are important factors in the assessment.

Please note that the jury is not familiar with applications from previous years. That’s why it’s important to include all necessary and relevant information in your application.

Welcome to apply to this year's Konstrunda! 

Remember to submit your application within the set time frame, no later than Sunday 25.2.2023.

The application is closed.

Welcome to contact us if you have questions about the application or the assessment criteria.

Project Manager      Frida Gullichsen     konstrundan.helsingfors@gmail.com, 040 370 6327