Eastern Finland: Alexandra Lindqvist

Tufted jewellery and tufting as a technique caught Alexandra interest, the material and technique inspires!Read more »
Veronica Svenskberg
14.08.2023 hrs 14:25

Aland Islands: Berit Olander

Starting from Karl-Axel Persson's imaginative images of paradise, Berit Olanders creates colourful, life-affirming and lush watercolors. She says that she lived in Africa for ten years and that she has a close relationship with the tropical greenery. Read more »
Therese Hjälmarstrand
07.08.2023 hrs 07:34

Eastern Uusimaa: Aino Ulmanen

Aino Ulmanen's self-built home and garden made of recycled materials is an art experience in itself. The home is in Myrskylä with nature and all kinds of animals around her.Read more »
Leena Stoltzman
07.08.2023 hrs 07:29

Southwest Finland: Antero Kare

Exploring the Artistic Universe of Antero Kare: A Fascinating Journey into Bioart and Beyond.Read more »
Frida Gullichsen
07.08.2023 hrs 07:19

Helsinki: Arni Aromaa

Arni Aromaa is an accomplished industrial designer and sculptor. Aromaa's creative journey unveils his unique blend of design expertise and ceramics craftsmanship. From the inception of his design studio, Pentagon Design, to his profound fascination with clay and glass, Aromaa's artistic exploration is a fusion of form and material.Read more »
Frida Gullichsen
07.08.2023 hrs 07:16

Ostroborthnia: Christa Friberg

Christa Friberg lives and works as an artist in Jakobstad. She graduated in visual arts from Yrkeshögskolan Novia in 2021, but the path to being able to call herself a professional artist took time. Read more »
Nicole Hjelt
07.08.2023 hrs 07:15

Western Uusimaa: Hanna Holma, Hub Feenix

The name Hub Feenix comes from the word "hub", which means a cohesive place where people work together and where things happen, and the symbolism of Feenix is that the business of the place rises from the ashes of an old abandoned hospital like the phoenix bird.Read more »
Nicole Hjelt
07.08.2023 hrs 07:10

Northern Finland: Helena Junttila

Visual artist Helena Junttila from Aska in Sodankylä is celebrating round years this year. In honor of her 60th birthday, she had an exhibition open for a week in her studio. It was a much better way than a party for a few hours, because now she could talk to people in peace.Read more »
Ami Avellán
07.08.2023 hrs 07:08