Art Friday: Can you paint with coffee and berries?

26.08.2022 hrs 15:18
You'll get the answer on Art Friday 2.9, when visual artist Anna Semerdjiev shows you how it's done!

Art Friday is once again offering a free art activity for all primary school children. It feels very important in these times. The task provides a wonderful opportunity and a happy creative moment and it can be done at school or at home. Teachers or parents may need to help with preparation. Instructions are available on the Konstrundan website,

This year's task will be launched on Art Friday, 2.9.2022 on the website . The film will remain there and the task can also be done later. 

In the film, visual artist Anna Semerdjiev introduces herself and her work, after which she presents the task to the children. In the task Anna uses berries, coffee, lemon and baking soda and paints with them.

This year's film has been created by the production company Filmbutik, and new this year is that the film will be available in Swedish, Finnish and English. 

The results can be shared on social media. Teachers or parents are encouraged to post pictures of the children's artwork on Instagram using the hashtag #konstensfredag #taiteenperjantai #konstrundan or to send the pictures to Konstrundan for uploading konstens.fredag(a) 

Pre-booked group visits on Art Friday 

To reach out to older children, we offer a concept where school and student groups can visit studios on Art Friday. A list of participants who will be hosting groups on Friday 2 September is available on our website . Please contact the artist directly to book your visit.  

New! Konstrundan Bingo!

This year we are pleased to announce Konstrundan Bingo! Go to and you will find our bingo form. Print it out or play on your mobile. It is possible to play during the visits to the different participants, who will be the first to get bingo? You can also compete in who finds all the objects listed on the card first


Konstrundan is an established open studio event organised annually in Finland.  

This year, Konstrundan will be held on the weekend of 3-4.9.2022. Approximately 450 professional artists, craftsmen and  designers will open their studios and workshops to the public.  


Please contact us for more information: 

Veronica Svenskberg, secretary for Konstrundan