197. Jarmo Pikkujämsä - Carlströms bagarstuga / Carlströmin leivintupa / Carlström Bakehouse

Evanescent 1Jarmo Pikkujämsä (2019)Evanescent 2Evanescent 3Deep


Strandgatan / Rantakatu 41 C
64100 Kristinestad / Kristiinankaupunki




Visual art

Information about the artist / the group

I work as a free artist in Senegal, in a town right on the Mauritanian border. The summer months I spend in Kristinestad, where I am the coordinator for the artists' residency. I do experimental photography, producing series of images on organic surfaces such as wood and fishskin. In my works, you might see the dust of the Saharan desert and hear the roaring Atlantic. At times, I also dive below the surface of the water to take pictures.

In my project 'Afropolis - Urban Transformations', ongoing since 2019,  I tell about the rapid state of urban change in Africa in photos and video. Inspired by the urban project, I am currently also writing fiction on this theme.

Welcome to my summer studio from near and far!

Program during Konstrundan

Open studio, exhibition and film projections.