29. Atelier Häiväoja

Heikki Häiväoja "Kilo", yksityiskohta, Pronssi, 80x25x40 cmJohanna Häiväoja työhuoneellaJohanna Häiväoja : Enkeli, Pronssi , Muualle haudattujen muistomerkki, Hietaniemi, HelsinkiFrancois Blosseville : Vierailijat, lehtikuusi, 2019, korkeus 200 cm16Juin : Sinks, concrete


Karpaattientie 5
01390 Vantaa




Arts and crafts, Art Industry and Design, Visual art

Information about the artist / the group

Johanna Häiväoja : I was born on the other side of the road in my parents atelier. Since childhood, I play with forms and materials,and nowadays I work both in France and in Finland. I prefer stone, paper and bronze but finally whatever the material, the importance is the joy of creating and meeting people and finding the right presentation for the ideas, either yours or mine (I make a lot of artwork on command).
Francois Blosseville : I invite you to discover my wooden and bronze sculptures in a studio filled with stories and history. You can see my work about different forms and share my dreams, my memories and my travels. Welcome !

16juin (Ilkka Leander Salo) : In my younger days I got to know concrete as a construction material. I´ve always loved to shape things with my hands, specially products for a daily use. Concrete as a liquid is an awesome material to work with. Mostly known by the world as the grey and cold medium, I´m trying to bring it to life with rounded forms, textures and various color. Concrete has many different faces ! 

Program during Konstrundan

Atelier Häiväoja was built by sculptor Heikki Häiväoja in the 1970s when he needed space to create his monumental sculptures. It has been his work and living place for 50 years, with many different people and artists from everywhere gravitating around the place, which has had many purposes ; a sculpture foundry, a monumental stone-work studio, a farm, a family place, and a home for friends.
In the continuation of the collective spirit of the place, many different things are happening there nowadays: the building dwells Johanna Häiväoja’s sculpture studio, a metal workshop, the re-born foundry, as well as the concrete designs of "16juin".
During Kunstrundan event, the public will be able to discover: Heikki Häiväoja’s self-built studio and many of his sculptural works, an installation by Johanna Häiväoja and her workplace, sculptures by French artist François Blosseville and Ilkka Leander Salo’s concrete designs. There may be some other things also !

haivaoja.com - blosseville.fr - ftiche.bigcartel.com/ - www.16juin.com/