103. Maiju Matilda Löytty - Ateljé Erik 406

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Eerikinkatu 36
00180 Helsinki




Community art, Drawing, Painting, Video and media art, Visual arts

Accessible for persons with reduced mobility

Information about the artist / the group

I am a visual artist and graphic designer living in Helsinki, working under my own company as an entrepreneur. I am interested in intercultural dialogue and the intersection of art, society and history.

In addition to the above, my job includes illustration and I also work part-time as a museum pedagogue. I have worked on artistic projects and research across borders in Finland, the other Nordic countries, Portugal and Namibia. I began my work as a painter, but my bachelor's thesis was a community art project and I increasingly profile as a comic artist. Environmental and media art are also part of my work. A wide range of different work samples will be on display in the studio exhibition, but the largest space will be given to my current art project, where my works are in dialogue with the paintings of my late grandmother, Kirsti Löyty, who passed away last year.

Program during Konstrundan

During Konstrundan, we are organizing a studio exhibition with my studio colleague, Eija Mäkivuoti. We have both graduated from Aalto University from a program called “Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education” (NoVA). In the exhibition, we present both our own and joint finished and unfinished works and projects.

I will be exhibiting paintings, comic strips, and projected animations. I sell drawings, paintings and other products like digitally illustrated art posters. We are organizing an Atelier Picnic with Mäkivuoti, where guests can meet us artists as well as each other among our art. A picnic by art is a concept we have developed where speech and dialogue about art can take place in a relaxed and welcoming situation.

Driving directions

Entrance from Eerikinkatu 36 (same as Galleria Huuto and Rankka). The studio is located on the 4th floor of the building in room 406. The 4th floor is accessible by lift or stairs. From the back door of the building on the Kalevankatu side, there is direct elevator access to the 4th floor (only a low staircase and a threshold at the front door)