Eastern Finland: Alexandra Lindqvist

14.08.2023 hrs 14:25
Tufted jewellery and tufting as a technique caught Alexandra interest, the material and technique inspires!

After studying the art of goldsmithing, she began to experiment and explore different materials and techniques, as she felt that she did not want to be tied to metals and traditional goldsmithing techniques. She has graduated in arts and crafts, through which she came into contact with different craft techniques. She started experimenting with recycled materials such as bicycle tyres and fabrics. Creating with her hands has always been important to Alexandra, and even as a child she was interested in jewellery. 

Seven years ago, Alexandra Lindqvist and her family moved to Juva when her partner took over the family farm. During this time she learnt tufting. Tufting is a traditional technique for making carpets, where a needle is used to insert yarn through a fine mesh. On the other side of the net, a pattern is formed. In a studio on the estate, she creates colourful jewellery using both traditional techniques and tufting, inspired by colours and shapes. The idea of wearing jewellery and the connection to the body also fascinates Alexandra. Inspiration can come from details in the environment and on the farm, nature is always close at hand. 

When the concept of the jewellery is ready, she makes sketches of it on paper and then transfers the finished sketch to a net. She says she often has a pretty clear plan for the piece. At the moment she is working on a series of necklaces in different colour combinations and brooches. The pieces will be ones that can be worn on the body but can also be used as wall hangings. This summer she will exhibit her work in Juva and in October in St. Michels. This year in March, Alexandra participated in the Jewellery Art Association's exhibition at the Cable Factory in Helsinki and as a result, the Finnish State Art Commission bought a piece, which she is very happy about. Her future goals are to participate in exhibitions abroad and to expand her network and actively participate in exhibitions. 

Alexandra launched her own business when she graduated as a goldsmith and worked on it full-time, making series production of jewellery. When the children were small, she had a pause with her own creative work. Now a few years ago, Alexandra began to focus more on the artistic side and has now been able to do so with the help of a work grant.

During Konstrundan, visitors will be able to visit Alexandra's workroom, buy jewellery, watch her work and try their hand at tufting. She has participated in Konstrundan once and enjoys meeting her customers, discussing with them and showing them her work process.

Veronica Svenskberg