Get to know this year´s participants

11.05.2023 hrs 09:00

During the first weekend in September, on Sat–Sun 2-3 September 2023, you will be able to visit 350 professional artists, craftsmen and designers all throughout the country and get an insight into their work.

You can get to know this year's participants on our website Each participant has their own profile on which they describe themselves and their work with words and pictures. On the map on our website, you can also easily see which visiting points are in your area, or you can plan a weekend trip based on the artists you want to visit!

Konstrundan is an established event organised annually in Finland since 2008. During Konstrundan the participants, professional artists, artists and designers, open their studios and workshops to the public. Each artist location is open from 11 am to 5 pm on both days.

The aim of Konstrundan is to cultivate an understanding of Finnish contemporary art, crafts and design. Konstrundan supports its participants in their professional practice, creates new sales opportunities as well as builds a network the artists can make use of in their future work.

ART FRIDAY 1.9.2023

Since 2012, Konstrundan has arranged various workshops and programs for children and younger people. We are hoping as many kids as possible can participate in the program! The goal is to give a positive image of creative professions and inspire children to create art themselves.


We are producing a short film where the visual artist Majbritt "Maikku" Huovila presents herself and her work. Along with it, she has created an inspiring educational art task for the children to carry out. The film is made in Finnish and dubbed into Swedish and English. The film is launched on the Arts Friday, September 1st, on Konstrundan’s website and Facebook. Instructions for the task will be published on the website in August.

For more information, contact secretary Anne Johansson Padilla,