11.10.2022 hrs 11:24
The first weekend in September Konstrundan was organized in Finland for the fifteenth time. Close to 440 artists, artisans and designers opened their doors to the public and invited visitors to talks and discussions, work demonstrations and energizing experiences. In total, they were visited by over 28,000 curious art lovers.

"It's absolutely fantastic that Konstrundan attracted so many visitors this year", says project manager Martina
Lindberg, "in recent years interest in Konstrundan has increased and we have participants from all over the
country, from Nuorgam in the north to Eckerö in the south".

All participants are presented on the website and can of course be contacted for visits outside the Konstrundan weekend as well.

The participants appreciate Konstrundan and are grateful to all visitors who supported the creative field. Thenmost important thing is not always that you buy something, just showing interest in the artists' work means a lot. The response we received from the participants shows that meetings and discussions with visitors are highly valued. We have received feedback from the participants and will include it in the planning of future Konstrundas.

Next year Konstrundan will be held 2–3.9.2023 and we hope to attract many new participants. The application period is 20.1–20.2.2023.

Art Friday 2.9.22

During the Friday before Konstrundan, we published a film aimed for all children of primary school age. In the
film, the artist Anna Semerdjiev talks about herself and her work. She then gives the children a pedagogically thought-out task, which they can carry out at school or at home. This year's task is called Tasty and poison-free painting, where Anna shows how to create paintings with berries, coffee, lemon and baking soda.

With the help of the film, the children can complete the task themselves, but teachers and parents need to help collect the necessary materials. Instructions and the film are available at The film is available in Swedish, Finnish and English and has subtitles in all three languages.

Feel free to share your creations with us via social media. Tag @konstundan in the posts and feel free to use the hashtags.
#konstensfredag #taiteenperjantai #konstrundan #konstrundan2022

We also offered group visits for schools and associations to 180 Konstrundan participants during Friday. In total, about 100 groups took up the offer.

Webinar for artist 2.9.22

In collaboration with the Novia University of Applied Sciences and the Nordic School of Art Foundation, this year we arranged a webinar with the title "How to survive as an artist today?". Five actors in the art field shared their thoughts on artistry as a profession and offered practical advice. The recordings of the speakers can be accessed via Konstrundans website or on the YouTube channel Konstrundan Helsingfors.

The webinar was popular and will continue during the winter, follow Konstrundan's social media and website for more information.