KONSTRUNDAN 2022 – a great mix of creativity and knowledge

21.06.2022 hrs 22:07
During the first weekend in September, Sat–Sun 3–4.9.2022, you can visit 450 professional artists, craftsmen and designers across the country and get an insight into their work. The visiting points are open from 11am to 5pm both days.


Konstrundan is an established event that has been arranged annually in Finland since 2008. During Konstrundan, the participants open their studios and workshops to the public.

The participants represent a diverse and inspiring mix of creativity and expertise. 59.3% represent visual arts, 8.5% crafts and 2.2% design. The rest include combinations of the above or other creative activities.

More information about the participants can be found on our website . Each participant
has their own profile and describes themselves and their work in both image and text. The map on the website also makes it easy to see which visiting points are near you, or you can, for example, plan a weekend trip based on the artists you want to visit!

The aim of Konstrundan is to increase understanding of contemporary domestic art, crafts and design and to promote creative work by bringing the public and creative practitioners together.

"We are all surrounded by art, craft and design in our daily lives and for most of us they are as natural and
important as the air we breathe. Yet it is easy to forget those who, through their creativity, enrich our lives in
so many ways. These are the people that Konstrundan highlights
," says project manager Martina Lindberg.

"The encounters generated by Konstrundan are very inspiring for visitors and they also mean a lot to the participating artists."

We are delighted to announce that Jenni Haukio, wife of the President of the Republic, is the patron of
Konstrundan 2022.


This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Konstrundan in Finland. To celebrate, we
have a few new features this year.

WEBINAR FRI 2.9.2022: How to survive as an artist today? We are organising a webinar in cooperation with the Nordic Art School Foundation and YH Novia in Pietarsaari, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of working artists in today's world.

This year, THE KONSTRUNDAN RAFFLE will take on a new dimension as the eight prizes are experiences. The winner can make a flower pot or try rug hooking, visit a photography studio or paint and create under the guidance of a professional.

ART FRIDAY 2.9.2022

Since 2012, Konstrundan has organised various workshops and programmes for children and young people. We hope that as many children as possible will take part in this year’s programme! The aim is to give a positive image of creative professions and inspire children to create.

Film with free art assignment

We are producing a film in which visual artist, visual art teacher and photographer Anna Semerdjiev
introduces herself and her work and then gives children an art task to complete. The film is made in Finnish and dubbed into Swedish and English. The film will be launched on Art Friday 2 September on the website and on Facebook. Instructions for the task will be published on the website in August.

Visits for pre-booked groups

In order to reach out to older children as well, we offer the opportunity for school and student groups to
visit studios on Art Friday. Associations and companies are also invited. The list of participants who welcome groups on Fri 2.9 is published on our website in August.

Interested? Contact the artist directly and book a visit!

NEWS: Konstrundan Bingo

As a novelty, we also publish an Online Konstrundan Bingo which is aimed at all children visiting the
Konstrundan. On the one hand, it offers children fun activities during their visits and it can also be a fun
competition with other visitors: who gets BINGO first?

#artfriday #taiteenperjantai #artfriday #konstrundan2022


Konstrundan crosses borders in the creative fields. In the first years, Konstrundan mainly had participants along the coast and on The Åland islands. In recent years, the number of participants has increased throughout the country. Of this year's 450 participants, 64% have Finnish as their first language, 29% Swedish and 7% English or other. Although Konstrundan is always conducted in three languages, we are keeping the Swedish name, making Konstrundan a natural ambassador for Swedish throughout Finland.

A warm thank to all who have supported the implementation of Konstrundan 2022.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, The association Föreningen Konstsamfundet, The Brita Maria Renlund Memorial Foundation, The Emilie and Rudolf Gesellius Foundation, The Eugène, Elisabeth and Birgit Nygrén Foundation, The William Thuring Foundation and The Waldemar von Frenckell Foundation.

For more information, please contact project manager Martina Lindberg 044 977 0773, konstrundan.aboland@gmail.com