Konstrundan has a new project manager!

11.06.2019 hrs 09:28
Martina Lindberg is now heading Konstrundan

In late 2019 Martina Lindberg was hired as the new project manager for Konstrundan. Martina works in Pargas, her office is in the Gullkrona-shop, though she is working all over the country together with Konstrundan's regional contacts and other partners.

Martina has been active in Fiskars Village and there worked as director for ONOMA, the creative cooperative for local artisans, designers and artists. So the creative field is familiar - and inspiring!

"To work with creative people is so inspiring and it's making med constantly challenge myself and to do my best. Because our artists, artisans and designers deserve nothing but the best", says Martina. "The goal with Konstrundan is to bring forward art, craft and design and this I see as very valuable work".

konstrundan.aboland (at) gmail.com
or +358 (0)44 977 0773 

Julia Nyman


During the first weekend of September almost 500 creative persons will open the doors to their studios for the public
today hrs 15:42
The illustration by Ulla Donner reflects the joy of creativity!

Konstrundan illustrator 2021

The illustration for 2021 is made by Ulla Donner
11.02.2021 hrs 12:00

The Konstrundan 2020 interviews in English

In the Konstrundan newspaper the articles about seven participants are only in Swedish and Finnish. Here we present the texts in English.
20.08.2020 hrs 09:55

Meat the Konstrundan-team

Here you find short videos of us who work for Konstrundan
05.06.2020 hrs 11:21
Panu Ruotsalo, Toinen luonto, 2019

The participants for 2020 are chosen

The participants for Konstrundan 2020 are now chosen. This year Konstrundan is arrangedduring the weekend 12-13 September.
27.04.2020 hrs 18:26

The illustration for Konstrundan 2020 is ready!

Graphic designer Linn Henrichson has made this year's illustration
12.02.2020 hrs 10:37

Art and interior

A lecture on art and interior in Finnish and Swedish.
07.05.2019 hrs 08:32


The new website is finally published.
07.05.2019 hrs 08:30